Project Information

GaMDER is an ERIGrid Transnational Access User Project, designed to investigate effective management of DERs, adopting user oriented approaches of gamification. It is one of the first studies in the literature, in which gamified management approaches for DERs are developed and tested.

The project has two scientific partners (Istanbul Technical University – ITU, Turkey and Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering – INESC TEC, Portugal) and an industrial partner (MAKEL Companies Group, Turkey).

The main motivation for the project is low interest by DER owners to deploy grid and tariff responsive services and lack of simplification for advanced management functions.

The project has three correlated focuses, namely,

  • tariff-driven power and energy management by prosumers,
  • wholesale market-driven aggregated management by aggregators,
  • local grid issues mitigating management by distribution network operators (DNOs).

The project field tests are organized in three stages:

  • characterization of distributed generation and storage devices (considering their power and energy management availabilities, constraints, response speed),
  • validation of effective and remote power and energy management approaches,
  • verification of online gamified management through a text-based interface.

The system used in the tests is Distributed Energy Resources Test Facility of Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (RSE DER-TF) with a different types of batteries, DGs, loads and an advanced monitoring and control infrastructure.

This project is intended to not only develop and verify a number of gamified management options but also provide a comprehensive guide highlighting the useful methods for future studies.

This research has been performed using the ERIGrid Research Infrastructure and is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Grant Agreement No. 654113. The support of the European Research Infrastructure ERIGrid and its partner RSE S.p.A. is very much appreciated.

For more information:

Project Factsheet in ERIGrid Selected User Projects Web Page