Distributed Energy Resources Test Facility of Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (RSE DER-TF) has a 400 V, LV AC distribution network, hosting

  • different types of distributed generation (PV panels with different cell technologies, small scale wind turbine, one-phase dispatchable CHP, three phase controllable CHP),
  • storage devices (lead-acid battery group, lithium-ion battery group, vanadium redox battery),
  • and loads (resistive, inductive and capacitive, programmable),

all with an overall capacity of 350 kW, 300 kVAr and 230 kWh storage capability.

The system is directly connected to 23 kV medium voltage (MV) grid through an 800 kVA transformer. The network is flexibly configurable with connection availability for devices to different busses and adjustable line lengths.

There is also an LV DC microgrid with a PV emulator, a DC controllable resistive load, two NaNiCl batteries, two supercapacitor banks and a bi-directional interface inverter (100 kW, 30 kVAr).

The facility has a SCADA custom software developed in LabVIEW. For monitoring, all the data collected by the measurement equipment as analogue signals are converted into digital signals by DAQ cards and delivered to a central data server using various protocols. A human-machine interface (HMI) software, also developed in LabVIEW, connects to the SCADA and displays the real-time data through a graphical user interface. The HMI is also capable of starting and stopping the equipment, as well as defining power set points through this interface. Furthermore, the SCADA allows remote data exchange through various communication protocols.

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